Socflooftes (floofinition) – 1. Wise animal said to have lived before animals came to Earth, said to be one of the original architects of the Floof Exchange which allowed animals to come to Earth.

In use: “Flooftologists argue what species of animal Socflooftes was, and what sex. For convenience, Socflooftes is often referred to as a male but no evidence exists to support that he was identified as either sex. As for what manner of creature, a dragon, unicorn, or griffin is often mentioned. As there is anecdotal history to support each of those, one theory holds that Socflooftes was a shapefloofer, able to assume the shape of any creature. Some say that Socflooftes remains alive and sometimes visits Earth.”

2. Any smart or clever animal.

In use: “The bird demonstrated that she was a soclooftes as a video caught her opening her cage, feeding the cat and dog treats, then returning to her cage and locking herself back in.”


Floofinar (floofinition) – A group of advanced animals studying under a mentor with each doing original research and all exchanging results through reports, discussions, and flooflepathy.

In use: “When the novel coronavirus pandemic began spreading among humans in 2020, the Floof Exchange established a series of floofinars to understand the problem so they could help humans survive and recover.”

2. A meeting for giving and discussing information about animals, especially housepets.

In use: “As pets live longer, more floofinary hospitals and floof stores are conducting floofinars to help owners understand their mature pets’ needs.”

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