Floofling (floofinition) – 1. Animals who appear to be from Earth but are actually visitors from another planet. 2. Smaller versions of animals. 3. Romance between two pets.

In use: “The way his cat stared at everything, as though astonishment constantly coursed through him, made Drake wonder if Pluto was a floofling.”

“Despite never meeting, the ginger cat and the Himalayan began a floofling, waiting for one another to appear in the window each morning and then spending the day non-verbally communicating.”


Floofling (floofinition) – romance between housepets. synonym: floofmance.

In use: “The pittie and the tabby from next door had a floofling, leaving their houses each day to find one another. Meeting, they often gave one another thorough kisses. Both were depressed when the tabby moved away.”

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