Floofback (floofinition) – feedback or information about reactions to a product, a performance, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement or change.

In use: “His cat enjoyed tummy rubs but gave fast floofback with sharp claws and a quick nip when the tummy-rub session should be ended.”


Novel Feedback

I’ve enjoyed some of the feedback received regarding “Life Lessons with Savanna,” and the next one in the series, “Road Lessons with Savanna.” Three main points have been mentioned several times.

“The Thanksgiving scene was just like my house.” That surprised me. There are a few minor elements of my experience in it, of course, but it’s mostly just imagined based on the characters’ behavior and background. For the record, my childhood Thanksgivings were generally pretty damn good, and not at all like the novel.

“I know someone who had a spider in their ear.” I had read about someone having a spider in their ear, and how it felt. After reading it, I mentioned it to others, and a friend volunteered a story about a relative who had a spider in their ear. For some reason, it became part of one of the characters. I believe the part about her having it in a glass vial after it’s removed and carrying it around was all fiction on my part, though.

Several specifically mentioned that they liked the end to “Road Lessons with Savanna.” They called it clever, which is awesome to read from them. The ending was one of those things I was thinking about as I was walking and finishing up, and suddenly, bang, it came upon me. Writing the end was then like the purest form of writing like crazy that I’ve had.

So, thanks to those have bought and read the books, and wrote me about these things, along with the other things that I didn’t include here.



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