Thursday’s Theme Music

Today’s song is one I sing briefly for myself almost every morning because I’ve tortured the lyrics to address my morning coffee ritual.

“Pour some coffee for me.

“Make it black, hot and strong,

“I can drink it all day long.”

Here’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, Def Leppard, 1987.



Thursday’s Theme Music

This is one of those songs that I asked of myself, “What the fuck are they singing?” when it was first released.

It came out in 1987, before the Internet became the familiar household pet it now is. That meant learning what was being sung wasn’t easy. I listened to the song and discussed it without others. Beer was involved. You’d think that with beer involved, a solution would be found, but nobody knew the words.

Hell, it’s no wonder, now that I can use the Intertubes to find the lyrics:

I cry wolf give her mouth to mouth
Like a movin’ heartbeat in the witchin’ hour
I’m runnin’ with the wind a shadow in the dusk
And like the drivin’ rain yeah like the restless rust
I never sleep

Hmmm? Yet the song works as FM rock fodder, delivering that need for a chorus, something that everyone understands and can sing with them:

I got ta feel it in my blood wo oh
I need your touch don’t need your love wo oh

And I want and I need
And I lust animal
And I want and I need
And I lust animal


Electric guitars and lots of pounding drums and thumping bass go a long way to making the song memorable. It’s definitely modern rock.




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