The Waiting

December is upon us as I wait

for spring to begin (it might come late).

Winter is nigh, as I dig in,

waiting for summer to come and begin.

The year is closing as I start this day,

hoping for change, trying to make a play.

December is upon us, and I never knew

the full strength of the sun

in July and June.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Today brought a 1995 song from Collective Soul.

December” is about endings and breaks from what’s going on. For Ed Roland, the songwriter, it’s about parting with the band’s manager. Pour moi, I pull the sarcastic and bitter sense of weariness from the sound: it’s done. Let’s end this, and this is just the polarized, argumentative state of the United States. I went to see Trump and the disastrous GOP reign end. The sooner that comes, the happier I’ll be.

On to the music.

Hello, It’s December

Hello, it’s December

the month after November

just a few months removed from September

do you see where this is going?


Hello, it’s a new day

are you gonna do a new way

or are you just gonna stay

with the hand that you’ve been playing?


Hello, it’s a new time

but I can’t find another rhyme

to carry on this theme of mine

so I guess that I’ll be endng.


There it is, the bolt informing you that, holy shit, it’s almost December. December begins¬†this Saturday.¬†

If you’re like me — and I hope you’re not — you’re agog with amazement that November is almost empty. Hell, 2018 has almost spent its calendar, and here I am, still dragging myself forward.

But, you know, take the positive, I am moving forward. It doesn’t go as fast or smoothly as desired, dreamed, or hoped for, but I keep creeping forward.

What will the end of November mean? Well, in some ways, it means a re-assessment. It means, for me, an agnostic in America, enduring the holidays, which sometimes means enjoying myself, respecting others’ beliefs and traditions, and otherwise, doing what I do, except there’s more food and music.

Likewise, the end of the year means some searching, but I search almost every day, looking for truth, hope, justice, luck, love, something to eat, answers for puzzling questions, etc. So, really, nothing, but because of where I live and who I am, everything.

Yes, it’s a conundrum. It’s a good word, conundrum.

Mr. December


Welcome. Come in. I’ve been waiting for you. Come on, all of you. That’s another room. Just don’t stop at the door. Is everyone in? Good.

I don’t want to keep you, so I’ll be succinct. I know it’s early, but many of you have been thinking about me. Yes, I am Mr. December.

For some of you, I’m the last month of the year. Others consider me the holiday month, a holy month, or the start or winter, or summer, or some other season.

I took this time out to meet with you early because I know many of you have been thinking about me. I just want to reassure you that if you treat me like any other month, we’ll get along fine. There really is nothing to worry about.

Now. Go back to Ms November, and have a wonderful time. She’s a great month, if you just slow down and spend a little time with her.

See you next month.

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