The Floof Academy

The Floof Academy (floofinition) – Prestigious, selective, and secretive school where animals go to learn how to dominate, control, and manipulate humans. Sometimes shortened to TFA, or referred to as FA, or The Floof.

In use: “With more homes wired for the Internet, The Floof Adademy had begun online courses in the twenty-first century. People staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused some schedule re-shuffling and increased resentment in animals toward humans.”


Floofmidity (floofinition) – A humid warmth generated by having one or more animals resting on or against a person.

In use: “Despite a cramping leg and rising floofmidity that made him feel hot and sweaty, he didn’t move, unwilling to disturb the cat and dog using him as a mattress.”


Floofcifist (floofinition) – Someone (person or animal) who supports animals and animals rights and equality.

In use: “Corky the cat had somehow become a floofcifist, and insisted that each cat and dog receive equal treat, enforcing her opinion with quick swats from her right paw. Nancy soon called that paw, “Corky’s right paw of justice”. Equally respecting and fearing the right paw of justice, the other animals soon accepted Corky’s position.”


Floofite (floofinition) – Person who enjoys animals’ company, particularly housepets.

In use: “A floofite as young as three months old, she grew up with two cats, three dogs, goldfish, a cockatoo, parrot, and salamander.”

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