Afloofcia Bridges

Afloofcia Bridges (floofinition) – Floofmerican singer and songwriter. Born and raised in North Carofloofa, she became known for a richly diverse style after moving to Nashville to forge a singing career.

In use: “Afloofcia Bridges’ biggest hit was a disco number, “I Love the Flooflife”, which reached number two in the Floofnited States on some charts, and the top ten in multiple other countries.”


Floofble (floofinition) – 1. A bauble that animals use as a toy.

In use: “Although he had tennis bowls, and pull ropes, the big dog’s favorite flooble remained a small stuffed dog he’d acquired as a puppy. Old and worn, it’d gone through several emergency surgeries, but he remained devoted to carry it around with him, setting it down by his food bowl when he ate.

2. A gathering of animals who appear to be in discussion.

In use: “Three dogs and four cats sat in a loose circle in the back yard, a floofble that appeared in telefloofic communications.”

3. A mistake made by an animal.

In use: “The cat missed the jump, a floofble she covered by sitting down and vigorously washing her butt, as though it was responsible.”

Battlefloof Galactica

Battlefloof Galactica (floofinition) – Franchise of stories centering around how animals escaped their original dying solar system and came to be on Earth.

In use: “The first episode of Battlefloof Galactica introduced viewers to the original thirteen warrior cats, dogs, birds, and other animals, and their leader, Galactica, a turtle who conceived of a floofship to escape their solar system and find a new world.”

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