Saturday’s Theme Music

My dreams returned last night. I awoke feeling fantastic. The air was clear and cool, and my energy was flowing like a river during the spring melt off. The perfect song for this moment, I decided, was a kick back in feeling, style, and spirit. For that, I summoned “Old Time Rock and Roll” and Bob Seger from 1978.

This ’83 live version brings it all home. Give it a listen.


Sunday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music is lifted from a movie, Beverly Hills Cop, which starred Eddie Murphy. No reason to select this except it entered this morning’s stream, and I enjoy the man’s music and this song. Despite being a popular rocker, this song is his only number one hit in the U.S., and he didn’t even write the music.

From 1987, enjoy Bob Seger with “Shakedown”.

Sunday’s Theme Music

“Even Now” began streaming in my head like I was listening to the radio in 1983. There’d been nothing in my head except, “Where’s the towel?” Then here’s Bob singing, “There’s a highway, a lonesome stretch of gray.”

I said, “Bob, baby, why?”

He said, “Even now, she’s all that I want, all that I need.”

“Bob, that’s answering my question, is it, Bob?”

“She’s givin’ it all, she’s givin’ it free.”

I accepted it; the Universe had chosen my Sunday morning music.

Tuesday Theme Music

Sometimes a song comes to you. I wonder if they’re like food cravings, coming to you to fill a need you feel. Maybe they’re just reflections of states of mind, a mirror on the present, and a glance back at the past.

Today’s song was written and released by one of my all-time preferences, Bob Seger. Most of us have used that expression in retrospect about something or someone, saying, “Even now, I’d go to them, if I could.” “Even now, after all we went through, I still miss them.” Bob was always good about writing about relationships, looking back at them, and wondering.

That’s what this one is all about. I don’t have any suspicions ’bout why I’m streaming it in my head. Sometimes a song just comes to you.

“Even Now”, 1983.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

This song, “Still the Same” by Bob Seger (1978) has been on a continuous stream since last night, looping through my conscious mind yesterday evening, through some of my dreams, and on through today.

The dream part was weird and laughable. I’m with others. Confusion is like a drug in my blood. We’re on some mission to get out of a jungle-like setting but I don’t know where we’re going. Sweat, grease, and stinging insects plague me. It seems like we’re on the verge of escaping the jungle. I’m dubious because I believed that before. Others are more optimistic but it seems like they’re pretending.

A quiet dusk is dropping around us. Darkness is seizing the jungle behind us, yet we’re reluctant to move on. I recognize it’s because we’re all tired but we’re not at a good place to stop.

I thought I heard something and then another voiced that same belief. We stop to listen, standing like mannequins. Then I heard, “There you stood, everybody watched you play. I just turned and walked away. I had nothing left to say.” The descending piano followed.

“That’s Bob Seger,” I said. “”Still the Same.” Where’s that coming from?”

No one answered. We instead lapsed into a brief and meandering conversation about what to do.

I didn’t remember the dream when I first awoke. After being up for a little bit, I heard “Still the Same” playing in my mind, and that triggered the dream recall. I was all, WTF?

So I’m posting the song here to purge it from my head. Thanks for taking it on for me. Cheers

Today’s Theme Music

Never been to Kathmandu, but thanks to Bob Seger, it’s a place I want to visit.

Seger was one of those hard-working people who became an “almost overnight sensation.” Starting in Detroit, he had a large regional following and a few hits, but didn’t make it nationally until after almost a decade of trying. I knew”Ramblin’, Gamblin’ Man,” but it didn’t make a great impression on me. The song that really touched me was “Night Moves.” That song was released when I was two years removed from high school and two years with the military. With it, I was hooked on Seger and sought his music. His “Live Bullet” album with “Turn the Page” remains one of my favorite live albums. As that song said:

Out there in the spotlight
You’re a million miles away
Every ounce of energy
You try to give away
As the sweat pours out your body
Like the music that you play

h/t to

I felt like Seger and the band poured it all out in that album.

But “Katmandu”, the song, has lyrics that appeal to me, too, that encourage me to chuck it all, and get the hell out of here, go to somewhere simple and quiet. Seger seemed to think that was Kathmandu.

The song was released in nineteen seventy-five, but I’ve included the “Live Bullet” version. Enjoy as you walk around this fine Sunday.

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