“Floof Fees”

“Floof Fees” (floofinition) – A floof musical group formed by three brothers in the 1950s, Spike, Mike, and Tyke.

In use: “Recording for eight lives and over nine decades (in floof time), the Floof Fees formed an international following with such hits as “Sleepy Days, Busy Nights”, “Floof Talking”, “Nights on Floofway”, “Stayin’ Aloof”, and “Floof Fever”, which all charted in the top ten on Floofboard’s Top 100.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Today, after awakening, rising, and feeding the cats, I began streaming a Bee Gees song called “Lonely Days” (1970). Don’t know what prompted my neurotransmitters to order this song today. I think it might have to do with rain. It was raining as I awoke, and stayed in bed, listening to it for a short period before thinking, “Must have coffee,” which prompted me to get up.

“Lonely Days” always strikes me as a rainy-day song. Something about its timbre reflects a gray, rain-swept landscape to me, a feeling that intensified as I walked on damp pavement and light drizzle.

Here you go. Have an excellent day.


Thursday’s Theme Music

A car passed by as I walked in the wind, drizzle, and sun yesterday. One of the car’s windows were down, and the Bee Gees streamed out:

“You don’t know what it’s like.”

Naturally, my mind completed the song and then put it on a loop and added it to the day’s shuffle. I haven’t heard “To Love Somebody” in a long time. I think the last time was in a movie. It was released in the late sixties, before the Bee Gees became embedded with disco. I liked a lot of Bee Gees music back then. They had some tight harmonies.

So, from my ear worm to yours. Please, enjoy this on your Thursday. Cheers

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