Floofple (floofinition) – 1. Modern minted phrase for people who love and support animals and their rights.

In use: “Many floofple embrace an animals’ bill of rights, aimed at reducing animal abuse while encouraging people not to think of animals as dumb creatures who don’t have emotions.”

2. An affectionate, alternative expression used to refer to animals.

In use: “I was forced to stay home during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, which didn’t exactly please the household floofple, as it interfered with their routines.”




Floofcists (floofinition) – An advocate or follower of the floofcism political philosophy or system.

In use: “Gaining more popularity, floofcists often protest that they’re misunderstood, insisting that their beliefs that animals deserve a seat at the same table of deliberations as humans isn’t just about what’s being eaten.”


Flooftization (floofinition) — 1. A movement to promote global acceptance that animals have equal rights to humans.

In use: “With flooftization, it’s promoted that rights are not anyone’s to issue, whether it’s a matter with gender, sexual orientation, race, etc., with humans, or animals’ rights to be free of abuse.”

2. Changes made to a localization to be more animal considerate.

In use: “As an example of flooftization, more countries are adopted flyovers that allow animals to safely cross high-speed highways without being killed or injured by motor vehicles.”

3. Alterations to a household to create a more animal-friendly domicile.

In use: “Cat trees and pet beds created safe spaces as part of the flooftization and fostering efforts.”



Floofcist (floofinition) – One who follows a floofcism, a doctrine that animals are less intelligent than humans, lack emotions, and don’t love or feel pain as humans do, and should therefore have less rights and freedoms.

In use: “Ted initially seemed like a great guy, but then revealed that he supported big game trophy hunting. Being floofcist was an immediate deal breaker for Heather, she told him. In response, he laughed at her shallow sentimentality.”


Liberfloofian (floofinition) – a collection of philosophies and movements seeking to maximize and uphold freedom and equality for animals.

In use: “What has liberfloofians concerned is a social sense that animals are less worthy to live and exist only as sport or food for humans.”


Eflooflitarianism (floofinition) – the doctrine that all animals are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

In use: “Eflooflitarianism was rampant in the Thresher household. All found animals were treated and protected, including an injured sewer rat. They planned to foster these animals and find them homes or return them to their natural habitats, but instead extended their house with pet condos to house all of their friends.”

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