Floofsaurus (floofinition) 1. A housepet that reminds people of a dinosaur, often through its appearance, slow speed, tyrannical nature, or stand-offish personality. 2. A book that lists floofinitions and other words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.

In use: “Consulting a floofsaurus, he found a synonym for floofpourri was floofimaufry. Floofimaufry meant a haphazard collection of pet items. With smiles, he realized floofimaufry was the perfect word for his son’s room. Although only ten, his menagerie of mostly rescues included two dogs, three cats, a lizard, two birds, and a fresh-water aquarium of fish alongside a salt-water aquarium. Walking through the room was difficult for the aflooftrements littering the floor.”

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