Flooftime (floofinition) – 1. Time spent with animals, during which time spends up, so it seems past by more quickly than usually. 2. A period designated to be with or take care of animals. 3. A prophecy that animals will rise up and restore Earth’s balance by subjugating humans.

In use: “Flooftime was originally five minutes each morning for each cat, dog, and bird, but they didn’t want it end, and neither did she, so flooftime soon accumulated into seventy-five minutes, with fifteen minute allotments. That seemed to please everyone, except she had to get up a little earlier in order to leave for work on time.”


Catafloof (floofinition) – An animal going by with such speed that it appears to have been fired out of a cannon or catapulted like a jet taking off an aircraft carrier.

In use: “Hearing her wife getting a snack in the kitchen, Angie grinned as three catafloofs – two cats and a dog – entered from the hall and headed for the sounds’ origins.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music is “Havana” by Camila Cabello (2017).

A lovely song about a brief love affair, it’s in my music stream this morning, background to routines, but I don’t know why. I had a smattering of dreams that felt inchoate. Little is clearly remembered except for an instance of awakening in alarm with the urgent question, “What was I supposed to do?” occupying me. Leaping up, I hunted for clues in a blended zone of sleep and consciousness. Anxiety ebbed back as I realized it was a dream, but I wondered about its roots.

So how does the salsa-influenced, bouncy “Havana” figure into this? Call me clueless in the morning.

As I enjoy the song, I played the video after Cabello’s SNL appearance a few weeks ago, chuckling at the reality send-up that bracketed the song.


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