Sunday’s Theme Music

Today’s music emerges into the stream from interactions with others – hearing tales and stories, wondering about the truth, searching for nuances of understanding about who they are and what they’ve gone through.

Pictures of the situations pool and splash, shifting with more, diluting with doubts. Just one clear moment, you know?

That invites the old Little Feat song, “One Clear Moment” (1989).

I see you cryin’ and I don’t know why
The way you look you should be flyin’ high
In that one clear moment

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Little Feat was already in my head, as one of the members Paul Barrere, passed away. Some reflection is always demanded when one of those that provided the music to our lives departs the scene.


Flooftier (floofinition) – An area of activity in which an animal excels.

In use: “Morgan’s pets each had a flooftier, from singing for food, begging for attention, to tricks to entertain him, but his Boston terrier’s flooftier of stealing and stockpiling socks delighted Morgan most.”

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