Floofgagement (floofinition) – An arrangement centered on an animal to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time.

In use: “Having so many animals – seven cats, three dogs, two birds, a rabbit, and pygmy goat — they naturally had many vet floofgagements.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

As I landed in Pittsburgh last night, a Smith cover of a Beatles/Shirelles song began streaming. I haven’t lived in Pittsburgh, PA, since the early seventies. I usually visit the city for about five days at a time every two or three years. But it offers that energy that says, home. My soul feels more settled among the neighborhoods nestled among the western PA. rivers, mountains, and bridges.

Here’s “Baby It’s You” (1969), written by Burt Bacharach, Luther Dixon, and Mack David, and performed by Smith.

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