Thunderfloof (floofinition) – Animal who makes a lot of noise when it runs.

Note: Not to be confused with floofthunder (the rumble of many animals running).

In use: “Pound for pound, the little tuxedo cat was a thunderfloof, making more noise running through the halls than any of the dogs did.”


Nofloofobia (floofinition) – The fear that there won’t be any animals.

In use: “Suffering from nofloofobia, she, aided by her husband and children, constantly saved animals, averaging an animal a week, ignoring their species, or the costs, attending to their needs and injuries, trying to keep the Earth populated with animals.”

The Start

You’d think the start was when the body was found. That’s the beginning of the crime investigation. It isn’t, of course, the crime’s beginnings. For that, you need to slip into a wayback machine and ride time to when the killer was young and beginning their career, back to before the victim and killer had ever met, back to a nascent moment when everyone was happy and oblivious to the future.

After all, the killer just wanted revenge. Their victim had killed first, but the body hadn’t been found. At least, that’s what the killer believed.

They were always one to act on their beliefs.

Saturday’s Theme Music

A friend said she’s giving up coffee. Moving on to green tea and herbal teas.

Says coffee is disrupting her sleep and jarring her focus.

On hearing these words, another friend said that he’d tried to remove coffee from his life, but he ended up with a constant craving.

With that, k.d. lang’s 1992 song, “Constant Craving”, leaped into the stream. I’m hoping that posting this will dissolve it so I can enjoy my coffee.

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