Changing seasons

changing times

changing clothes

changing rhymes


Changing mind

changing ways

changing hours

changing days


Changing tastes

changing drinks

changing food

changing links


Changing sea

changing skies

changing clouds

changing eyes


Changing hope

changing dreams

changing plans

changing schemes

Double Floofex

Double Floofex (also called dooflex in net slang) (floofinition) – Time and place where two animals are laying together, often with paws and tails wrapped around one another.

In use: “The ginger cat and Golden Retriever often napped as a double floofex on the sofa.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Thinking about having a beer with friends at our annual Haroldfest tonight when this energetic old rock song streamed in. Even though it’s by this group led by this guy named Santana, I don’t I’ve heard it on the radio in about four decades.

The lines that brought it into mind:

You can understand everything’s to share.
Let your spirit dance brothers everywhere.
Let your head be free. Turn the wisdom key
Find it naturally, see you’re lucky to be
Sing it loud
It’s time for you to all get down
Yeah do it.

h/t to

‘Get down’ is a slang expression for partying and relaxin’, you know.

Time to get down.


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