Sunday’s Theme Music

This is it. The countdown has commenced. Next Sunday, March 14, 2021, the giant lever will be pulled, sending the US into Daylight Savings Time. If you’re paying attention, that means today is Sunday, March 7, 2021. Yes, today is the last Sunday that we’ll be able to enjoy normal daylight for several months, as we go into daylight pinching mode.

Other aspects of the day includes 6:37 AM Solclimb and a 6:08 PM Soldrop in Ashland, a forty degree F temperature which feels warmer than it sounds when you’re standing in it, and a wintry blend of thundering gray, spring blue, and feathered white sky.

Returning to the DST thinking for a moment, DST drives a lot of political discourse and political polarization in the U.S., IMO. I think that one time when they pulled the lever back to change time, they pulled it too hard and fast. Suddenly, we’d leaped decades into the past. Although they caught the issue before dawn, damage had been inflicted. People felt like it was back in the 1950s in the U.S. because it temporarily was. Confusion was stirred when the current time was resumed. I think this episode happened about five years ago. I don’t have any evidence, but now it’s on the net, so it must be true.

Today’s music is by Chicago. “Old Days” was released in 1975, and it’s about remembering the good old days. Of course, it’s a gentle reverie for them:

Old days
Good times I remember
Fun days
Filled with ship of pleasure

Drive-in movies
Comic books and blue jeans
Howdy Doody
Baseball cards and birthdays

Take me back
To the world gone away
Seem like yesterday

Oh, old days
Good times I remember
Gold days
Days I'll always treasure

Funny faces
Full of love and laughter
Funny places
Summer nights and streetcars

Take me back
To the world gone away
Our good memories
Seem like yesterday
Old days

h/t to

The song always strikes me as smooth jazz, pop-rock, brass-infused blend, but the lyrics are easy to recall. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get a vax. Have a good one. Cheers

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