Floof off

Floof off (floofinition) – 1. A floofdiom which means to engage in idle activity, or to waste time.

In use: “For animals, one of the joys of being accepted as a housepet is that it frees them to floof off by sleeping, playing, and pretend wrestling.”

2. A rude expression employed by animals to tell another to leave them alone or go away.

In use: “Henry was a solitary cat with solitary ways and didn’t hesitate to tell other animals to floof off with a swat, snarl, and hiss.”

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  1. Our floofs engage in both definitions of floofing off. An aside … our Boo (short for Booker T Washington) became ill last weekend and spent two nights … Sunday and Monday … in the hospital for dehydration and a gall bladder infection. The vet bill? Be sure you’re sitting down … $3,027! Christmas gifting will be a bit leaner this year!

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    1. It is beautiful. It’s based on a piece of artwork. As I worked on it, I marveled at the details the artist captured, along with the scene’s old-fashioned feel, and the whimsy that it embraced. You’re right; we should start the Christmas one now. It would be done just about in time…

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