Floof Offering

Floof Offering (floofinition) 1. An item or food presented to an animal to win their affection, gain their trust, demonstrate their love, or mollify their anxiety.

In use: “People often use pet treats as floof offerings just because it seems to make their pets so damn happy.”

2. A gift or item brought to people by an animal for reasons only clear to the animals, but most likely to win their affection, gain their trust, or demonstrate their love.

In use: “Each day when they went walking, her dog immediately went off to find a stick and bring it to her. Sometimes the floof offering was a log or branch, and other times the floof offering was a twig, but the dog was always pleased to give it to her.”

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  1. Ah yes, Charlie’s recent Floof Offerings have included one annoying and thankfully dead mockingbird, a feisty lizard and a cluster of palm fronds…lol. Which makes soooo glad I don’t have a cat door for him to go in and out at his leisure. I shudder to think what he’d bring inside during the night 🤔.

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    1. My Orange Boyz (2) used to bring a gift a day. Snobby as they were, they insisted on live floof offerings. Everything from snake, lizards, and mice to hummingbirds, robins, pigeons, and wrens. Observing tradition, they delivered their offerings in the ore-dawn hours. Did I mention that we had three-story cathedral ceilings in the living room? Jesus. Almost every. Damn. Day.

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