‘Nother Day, ‘Nother Rant

Yes, it’s a new year but the first-world blues never end. Sometimes they lead to a rant.

Today’s focus is on the pharmacy.

They’ve done a fine job in the past, which is probably what lit this rant. I called my prescription refill in on Sunday, Jan. 5. The happy recording said it would be ready by Monday at 4 PM, all as completely expected.

That’s what’s called ‘foreshadowing’, kids.

Got in line today, Tuesday, Jan. 7. Was the only one in line. One cashier was in action. She was helping someone finish his purchase. When it was completed, she turned, and — ignoring me, shall we note — called across the store, “Rhonda, your prescription is ready.”

Now, that’s okay. She was helping Rhonda before, Rhonda’s prescription wasn’t ready, forcing Rhonda to wait, but, hey, do you mind saying something to the only customer in your line? I would consider it good manners and common sense.

After Rhonda’s purchase was completed, a few minutes later, it was my turn. Hey, short story, my prescription wasn’t ready. It wasn’t here. It would be here this afternoon.

No apology nor explanation. No reason for why I wasn’t called about it.

Now, as it happens, I live in town, so it’s not a big deal. I can return. But what about the people who have mobility issues, or who live outside of town, who need help to pick up their prescription, or who must make a special trip?

Yeah, that’s my rant. After dismissing my irritation (yes, via this post) (after returning a few hours later for the prescription), I’m good to go.



One thought on “‘Nother Day, ‘Nother Rant

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  1. I have a similar ongoing problem with my pharmacy. Customer service kind of seems to suck these days. (I’m blaming management– they seem to consistently understaff, under train, and most likely underpay too.)


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