Jigfloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal who helps complete a jigsaw puzzle.

In use: “Once the pieces were put on a table, a jigfloof arrived to join the effort.”

2. An animal whose place in one’s life provides a sense of being whole.

In use: “She hadn’t been prepared for a dog, let alone a big dog, but her friend’s final words put the burden on her. He turned into a jigfloof, providing a piece to her life that she didn’t know was missing.”

Photo: Tucker, the house jigfloof, helping us put together a puzzle that came as a holiday gift. (He refused to to look up at the camera. It’s a principle thing. The first principle is that he’s a cat and doesn’t do anything asked of him. The second thing is that he can’t stand floofarazzi.)

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  1. We had a 1000 piece puzzle of Downton Abbey and cast. With little room to work, we had it about 75% completed, that is, until Flash jumped on the puzzle table and pieces went everywhere. Suffice it to say, instead of finishing it, we packed it away and donated it to the local library. This library always has one or two jigsaw puzzles being put together and we figured we could work on it there. ~nan

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