Don’t you love it when you’re outside with a hat on, and a large spider starts running around on your hat brim’s underside, and then he drops down on a thread and swings onto your sunglasses like Tarzan, and then races onto your cheek and makes a dash over your mustache for your nostril?

Yes, yes, I really love it.


Ah, nature.

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    1. LOL – IKR? And I was surprised. I’d done a black widow relocation the night before. We have one living on the front porch, one outside the side garage door, and a third in the garage. We thought one in the linen closet was too much, We don’t kill spiders, employing the theory that they’re as good for life on this world as we are. I don’t know how this spider on the hat incident fits into it all. Maybe it does it. I would’ve been cool, but when it went for my nostril, I really freaked.

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      1. Yeah, insects/arachnids on or near the face are not okay. Maybe the spider spirit was trying to tell you something (or thanking you in its own fun way for not killing spiders!) We don’t kill house spiders, either, but luckily also don’t have black widows around here.

        I did have a bunch of black flies collect under the brim of my hat once. It was about as fun as it sounds. Last day of a trip to Northern Ontario and it was the first day they emerged–glad I was headed home.

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