The Goal Problem

Goals are great. I establish them to help create a direction for me, motivate me to keep going, and to keep on track. They help me measure progress, providing a tangible foundation for examining how I’m doing.

My problem with goals I’ve found is that I think of them as the destination. Then, I reach the goal and discover it was just a milestone to somewhere else.

That doesn’t reduce their effectiveness, but it is a reminder for me that I don’t always appreciate the larger situation. That works out, though, because setting goals that are small enough to achieve are great in helping me gain confidence and traction.

What I’ve realized is that goals are not the end, but I tool toward reaching for the end.


5 thoughts on “The Goal Problem

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  1. I don’t normally have goals and hate making them because I rarely attain them. But they’re good for giving me purpose and direction! Otherwise I’m a stagnant sloth ball. The grotty stagnant mother earth rot

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    1. Love your use of words, so imaginative and vivid. I always have goals and frequently fail to attain them, but I’ve developed a good feedback loop into examining why I didn’t attain them. I’m fortunate in that regard, I think. Well, I hope you keep moving and can shake off the sloth. Thank you for reading and commenting. Cheers

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      1. Apparently that’s my shtick – explaining stuff in completely unnecessary “much bright! Is Wise! So ways”. I’m the comedic relief, bumbling her way through people’s blogs, doing everything wrong, accidently smearing mayonnaise matter over unanswered prayers. I’ve not cat in the hat (even though I am kat in a wizard hat). I’m just tan. K. girl. And I’m on my way to the pub! And I appear to have taken a wrong turn somewhere. (Sorry about your lovely hydrangeas. Remind me to buy you a blog warming peace pottery gift) IM YELLING IM SORRY AS I DRIVE EVER OFF IN ThE THE DISTANCE (fading voices…. ahhh……)

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