December First

Walking through sun and shadow latticed cold air, stepping through my plumes of condensation, splashing through puddles, and looking for rainbows as drizzles and sprinkles come and go.

Snow blankets the ridges and peaks across the valley, our first of the season. The snow level seems to be about thirty-five hundred feet. As always, its stark contrast against the sky is a rugged beauty, like a natural metaphor for change.

My mood is high. I hesitate to say it aloud, so I write it instead, but I feel a shift in my energy. I didn’t think the date would make a difference, and maybe it doesn’t. Perhaps I’m feeling a temporary shift and it’s at a personal level, but I hope it’s a broader and longer lasting shift in the world’s energy one that brings the world more peace, justice, and happiness.

I would blame it on my peppermint mocha, but I already felt it before I reached the coffee shop or tasted my drink. Time to write and edit like crazy, at least, you know, one more time.


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  1. Your posts make me want to write. I sat at my computer to put what I had written on paper into electronic visuals. I carry a composition book in my work bag and I write drown everything that I think might be an interesting addition to my writing. I sat there this afternoon for 45 mins unable to write anything fluid or cohesive. I finally gave up and went to watch the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. When I grow up I want to be like you. Lol

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    1. Thanks for telling me that – makes me feel good to know that I help others want to write. I did the composition thing for over a decade before finally deciding to switch to typing directly into a computer. Did a typewriter for a few years before that. Hate days when I can’t write anything. Fortunately, they have become very rare. Can’t be like me – they told me that they broke the mold.

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  2. That is true, they broke that mold. I hadn’t found much inspiration until I started my blog, which I know I have to work on. But now I have found support from the family of bloggers and one professional writer to keep on. 😎

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