Brinkfloofship (floofintion) – a housepet’s practice of pushing an uncomfortable or undesirable situation or confrontation to the limit to force a desired outcome

In use: “Tail swishing, the little cat stalked the old Tom despite the latter’s growls, taking its brinkfloofship to levels not seen before and the house, and prompting the German Shepherd to intervene to keep the peace.”


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  1. Yes.

    Example: Doodlecat trying to see just how much middle-of-the-night howling he can get away with before 1) a human relents and gets up to turn on the faucet for him even though he doesn’t actually want a drink, or 2) a human finds the spray bottle, and Doodle is reminded of what “Drink it or wear it” means.

    Another example: Ashley repeatedly attempting to “tree” Callie (chase her up the scratching post or onto the shelf over the desk) even though she knows Callie will probably “wrath” (swat forcefully) her on the head for it.

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