Catportation (catfinition): Cataportation is a system or process by which felines sometimes travel. Whether by magic or advanced feline science and technology, cats have an amazing ability to transport themselves to unusual locations, generally surprising people when they show up. The system seems analogous to organic matter transmitter or teleportation systems featured in human fiction. Many catalogists theorize the ability may be a natural feline skill, perhaps associated with their fur or tail.

The other theory advanced to explain catportation is that cats are masters of quantum mechanics that move through other dimensions.


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  1. It’s a natural ability, and it is done through the application of quantum mechanics rather than the sort of teleportation one sees in Star Trek and other such fiction. To put it in simple terms, the cat CHOOSES to be somewhere else (the “location” part of their quantum signature is told to change), so they are somewhere else.

    Since both Manx cats (tailless) and Sphinxes (furless) have this ability, neither the tail nor the fur is the source of the ability to teleport.

    (Now I’m imagining a conversation between Hunter and Jon on this topic, and it’s all your fault. 🙂 )

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