Today’s Theme Music

Today’s song, from the Cure, came out in the early nineteen nineties. I was fortunate to be stationed at Onizuka Air Station when it did. Originally called Sunnyvale Air Station, it was located on Lockheed acreage that was rented from them for one dollar a year. The Blue Cube dominated the site. I wrote about it in another post.

The location had been renamed in honor of Ellison Onizuka, an astronaut killed in the Challenger disaster. Dedicated to space operations, we were wedged between roads just off of Highway 101. The area was interesting for the Internet boom just underway at the time. Navigator, Yahoo, MapQuest and other new companies were part of our landscape. It was an energetic, prosperous time, and the music coming out seemed to reflect that.

Except for this song. I actually find it repetitious and inane. That’s true about many rock and pop songs, which is why I like Weird Al’s parodies of them. This song seems like audible sedatives. That’s my opinion; you may really enjoy it.

Either way, it’s been stuck in my head since last night. Basically, I realized that I’d passed anniversaries of several major life events. March, 1991, was the first year that I lived in the SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley/Peninsula after returning from duty in Germany. Memories from that period have unearthed songs and invaded my dreams this week.

Here’s the Cure with ‘Friday I’m In Love, from 1992.


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    1. After posting this, while walking along and singing the song to myself, I recalled that my friend, Jeff, loved The Cure and their music. I tried but I never got it. You and he hear something in it that I miss. But it was a big hit, so you’re not alone. Cheers

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