Purrunclaw is a naturally occurring condition that develops when a person is petting a cat, and the cat is enjoying it only to suddenly swipe at the owner with their claws in a definitive pronouncement, “That’s enough!”

In illustration:

“Nan, what happened to your hand? It’s all scratched up.”

“Oh, just some purrunclaw with Flash.”

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  1. You know the little noises cats make, usually when they jump up onto a lap…meep, brip, raoul, burrup. Neither a meow nor a purr. I say to my cat “did you just merple?” Hubby said what’s merple? I explained it’s a homemade word for noises that are not purrs or meows and the reason behind ‘Merple’ well it rhymes with purple and I was told there is no word that rhymes with purple.. there is now, in our house at least.

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  2. Two of my cats sometimes claw if the human STOPS petting. Una is especially bad about that: *swipe* ‘Where do you think you’re going? You stand there and pet me, or feel the wrath of my fluffy little paw again.’

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